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Software Development

Focus logic is contributor of world class Software Development to various clients. The concern has a proven track record of profitably implementing information technology projects for middle level concerns and for large companies and has a best of-breed team of experienced IT professionals

Focus logic is focused to afford wide array of outsourcing services like website designing, web development, Multimedia solution, offshore software development, web hosting and Search Engine Optimization with high excellence at cost-effective. Focus logic is software Development Company with clear focus on high excellence quality, timely delivered and cost-effective software development. With our experienced developers in providing software solution, project management capabilities and principles ensures us to develop solutions that give your business an edge.

Focus logic specialize in creating message boards, job sites, technical portals, marriage portals, e-commerce sites, chat rooms, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services to promote the websites electronically on Major Search Engines for the better business and profit Software development for your business implements performance and future scalability which will implement a wide degree of competitiveness into your organization and companies’ future growth. We offer Technical Consultants with a wide degree of disciplines to match the needs of your company.


Focus logic Experts in creating fully customized, dynamic, and scalable Intranet solutions for small to medium size of businesses. We offer a choice of integrated site administration tools that can add core and optional products and features as required. There's no doubt that intranet has emerged as a major business information infrastructure. Intranet Software can provide central repository of organization information allowing your employees to work efficiently and reduce cost.


Increase Collaboration-A collaborating corporate community generates innovative ideas, whilst creating an open environment where employee thoughts and opinions are highly valued.

Cost Reduction-An intelligent intranet enables organizations o improve their process and procedures, resulting in a more efficient organization benefiting from significant cost savings.

Increased Employee Productivity-Publishing documents and important information to one central location providers users with the ability to communicate and co-ordinate with various departments, applications, project teams and individual users within your organization.

Promoting Employee self-Sufficiency-Providing both new and existing users with an online information resource, allowing users to quickly access relevant information to increase their knowledge and awareness on a multitude of topics.

Compliance-Our Compliance, Policy and Audit manager applications all ensure that your organization is adhering to company law and quality standards.


Focus Logic provides data service products ranging from:

  • Database Design and Creation
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Database Management
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Mining
  • Database Repair

Database Design & Creation

Creating effective database design requires lot of experience and understanding of your business. At Focus Logic we have Database Professionals to help you design your data structures. Our experience with creating large data stores will help you manage growth in your business. We make sure that your database is highly optimized and can integrate with your existing systems and follows business standards for data storage.

Data Migration

Our data migration specialist will help you migrate your database application from one platform to another. Our expertise in converting your old data from your existing Database Application to your new Database system. We have been providing data migration service to our existing clients to allow them for technology upgrades. At Focus Logic, we improve database utilization for other high end tasks such as marketing, management reporting, and report analysis.

Focus Logic offers a comprehensive set of database management technologies that enable companies to manage and mobilize information from data centers to the point of action.

Focus Logic designs each data management solution for fast, efficient performance in different environments and for specific uses. You can choose the best-fit technology to meet your requirements. Our team of experts is cross-skilled and work for you, your business, a fast turnover time, reduced cost and excellent results!


Do you use the following mobile applications?

  • Windows Mobile Application
  • iPhone Mobile Application

If yes, you are the growing number of people who use the mobile phone for more than making a call. The mobile has become an essential business tool/accessory just like a laptop or a briefcase. The mobile application development demand is growing as wireless providers increase bandwidth and accessibility. A small mobile device can be used for the big solutions in the business world by allowing faster business communication and quick transfer of business information through various applications. As competition closes in, the exchange of information, fast exchange is even more critical than before.

Focus Logic provides a talented pool of cross –skilled talented professionals for creation of:

  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Data Interchange
  • SMS
  • MMS

We develop highly customized Windows mobile applications with creative content control such as text, images audio, video and rich functionality. The technological aspect in development of mobile applications is critical and we use the proven and tested technology available to build mobile applications.

Some of the technologies used are:

  • Microsoft .NET Compact framework
  • C#
  • ASP.Net platform for windows mobile

The company completes its offerings with a full continuum of services that span the life cycle of technology and software applications, including implementation, project consulting, technical support and It consulting. The low cost, customized mobile applications and timely delivery of applications put us in a favorable position with our clients.

Focus Logic offers the following Mobile Application Services:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Wireless (WAP) Mobile Applications Development
  • Windows Mobile Application Development

At Focus Logic we appreciate that business owners are constantly faced with constraints -time, shortages of skilled staff, and cost effective resources to help grow the business. We work together with your business to identify and implement solutions which will generate quick results and provide long term growth. Our mobile applications are integrated with your backend systems and databases to provide your clients and staff with real time access to information on their windows mobile device. To deliver applications with the best and most efficient user experiencewe use our specialised knowledge in graphical and industrial design, software and hardware engineering exploiting the latest design trends and unique mobile device capability.

To meet the many challenges in mobilizing your business, you need to work with an experienced company who can walk the talk.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration is the process of integrating separate, stove-pipe ERP systems with each other or with other enterprise information resources, to meet various B2B demands. Originally ERP systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Lawson, were built with the purpose of tightly integrating processes within an enterprise. This includes planning, manufacturing, and sales, while more recent ERP software products encompass marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources as well. In every ERP implementation, there comes a time where these wide-reaching, all encompassing systems need to communicate with other 3rd party solutions and legacy applications. IntellisenseTechnology Software ERP integration solutions work with all current ERP solutions to allow data collection.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software selection is known to be multi attribute decision making (MADM) problem. This problem has been modeled according with analytic network process (ANP) method due to fact that it considers criteria and sub criteria relations and interrelations in selecting the software. With IntellisenseTechnology, you can manage financials, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time and billing, payroll, employee self-service, Web presence, and more. The Accounting / ERP software system components are tightly integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions. And you can automate business process across the company

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