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When you have to become successful online merchant You should be able to provide an e-commerce solution that will effectively work on your site. Features you should incorporate in the e-commerce solution should be concentrated a lot. While most of the services offer you a narrow band of services. focuslogic has the multiple services that will result Letting your business touch the peaks that you have been waiting for since long.

While developing e-commerce solution you should be able to save time and at the same time be sensible to enter into the market at the right time. The templates and the design tools that are provided along with the solutions will enable you to open up as major business.

The knowledge that you should attain with the e-commerce solution will let you manage effectively with the help of various management tools that are also provided from this company.


Content Management System or CMS provides you with flexible prospects of updating website on a continuous basis. It is an important aspect for any website since it provides a strong foundation to keep it on top. It is not important to change the website design but the same is not applicable to content.

we at focuslogic offers you seamless content management system which is flexible in nature and its automated feature helps you to track the content right from the beginning as it is brought into effect In the challenging domain of business enterprises, fresh content showcase the relevance of your website and your authority in the market. We understand your needs hence we have designed CMS in such a way that it allows users to create, edit, update and manage content in pre-defined framework of website, making you stand out from the others.

The System is backed by strong database technology, competent to facilitate different applications or support existing operation system. The content management system is much diversified from the others for the reason that it provides incalculable dimensions and levels taken into account to manage the changes in the content without a hitch. Our Content Management System framework is designed in such a way that it reduces the maintenance cost to minimal cost and no other resources are required to handle the process. Advance tools and the user-friendliness makes things easy even for non-technical people for accessing and updating content. It gives you full control over features like post comments, add-ons and other feature and also helps to enhance your business prospects in several ways.


Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms are business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government. we at focuslogic provide business solution for both product buyers and product sellers.

B2B solution helps for instant delivery of products those who are in need. We create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world. By using our business solution your wish for online business will become true.


PHP is an open source language that is used widely in the creation of dynamic web pages. PHP forms a part of essential LAMP bundle. LAMP architecture is used widely in the PHP web application development. AES is a professional PHP development company India that is involved in the offshore php development that involves php software development and php web development. MySQL can be used along with PHP to build applications that are driven by database.

The clients can change and customize the applications to use for the exact requirements of the users. AES Technologies is a php website development company that focuses on php software development and php web development. PHP web application development is done perfectly through platforms such as MAC OS X, Windows and Linux. You may outsource php development requirements to AES in order to offer an environment that is more stable and compatible with the environment. As an offshore PHP development company in India, we are focused in delivering our clients with flexible options to outsource PHP development in order to gain maximum profit in their business.

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